Mobile & Accessories

20,000 mAh Solar External Power Bank For Smartphones & Tablets

AED.1,150 AED.2,000

228 Mobile and Camera Stand

AED.570 AED.855

8x18X Optical Clip Lens

AED.850 AED.1,275

AnyCast HDMI Dongle WIFI Displayer Receiver

AED.1,399 AED.2,800

Bluetooth Microphone/Speaker Handheld Mic

AED.1,600 AED.2,400

Bluetooth Smart Watch Mobile U8

AED.1,199 AED.2,000

Car Plan Mini 12V Car Air Humidifier and Mist Diffuser

AED.780 AED.1,170

Car Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver AUX 3.5mm

AED.650 AED.975

Car Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver AUX 3.5mm 2

AED.650 AED.975

Clip Mobile Holder

AED.540 AED.810

Mobile Phone 3D Video Amplifier Enlarged Screen Magnifier

AED.399 AED.1,000

Mobile Phone Holder for Cars


Pack of 2 Catch caddy - Seat pocket catcher

AED.700 AED.1,050

Small Car Cover

AED.950 AED.1,425

Tripod Camera Stand

AED.1,000 AED.1,500

Tyre Air pressure value cap

AED.650 AED.975

Universal 8x to 18mm Mobile Phone Clip Lens

AED.850 AED.1,275

Universal Multi Color 7 in 1 USB Charging Ports

AED.699 AED.1,500

Universal Multi-Color 8-18x Zoom Optical Mobile Phone Telescope

AED.899 AED.1,500

Wireless Bluetooth Mini 2Pc Stereo Earphone With Mic (HBQ-i7)

AED.999 AED.1,600

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Pill Shaped With SD, FM Radio

AED.999 AED.1,500

Yunteng Remote Selfie 1288

AED.820 AED.1,230
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