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2 Layer Stainless Steel Round Lunchbox

AED.670 AED.1,005

2 Pcs Kitchen Sink Organizer for Dishwasher Liquid, Brush, Sponge, etc

AED.700 AED.1,050

3 Layer Stainless Steel Round Lunchbox

AED.720 AED.1,080

3 Pcs Kitchen Sink Organizer for Dishwasher Liquid, Brush, Sponge, etc

AED.800 AED.1,200

5 in 1 Inflatable Sofa

AED.4,200 AED.6,300

5 Layer Shoe Rack

AED.1,000 AED.1,500

8 In 1 Multi Screwdriver Set With Led Torch Light

AED.550 AED.825

All in One Micro Hair Trimmer

AED.650 AED.975

Amazing Shoe Rack

AED.1,070 AED.1,605

Big Car Cover

AED.1,000 AED.1,500

Easy Push Multifuction Magic Broom Sweeper

AED.1,320 AED.1,980

Electric Go Duster

AED.840 AED.1,260

Electric Lunch Box

AED.1,030 AED.1,545

Environment Friendly Tap Water Purifier

AED.800 AED.1,200

EZ Jet Water Cannon

AED.780 AED.1,170


AED.720 AED.1,080

Folding Canvas Wardrobe

AED.2,750 AED.4,125

Fosher Handheld Coffee Beater FS-688 DB

AED.580 AED.870

Hand Sewing Machine With Foot Pedal

AED.1,600 AED.2,400

Handy Sealer

AED.550 AED.825

Handy Sealer 2

AED.550 AED.825

Intex Inflatable Pillow

AED.850 AED.1,800

Iron Express (As Seen on TV) Portable Ironing Pad

AED.850 AED.1,275

Jackly Universal Magnetic Screw Driver Kit - 31 in 1

AED.520 AED.780

LECHG 9PCS Repairing Tools SET

AED.899 AED.1,800

Luma Candles Real Wax Flameless Candles with Remote Control

AED.1,050 AED.1,575

Luma Smile Teeth Whitening

AED.630 AED.945

Magic Glass

AED.550 AED.825

Magic Home Easy Mop

AED.1,600 AED.2,400

Manual Juicer Machine

AED.1,280 AED.1,920

Manual Water Pump

AED.650 AED.975

Mighty Meatballs

AED.700 AED.1,050

Mini Air Cooler Fan

AED.700 AED.1,050

Multi Layers Remote Organizer

AED.850 AED.1,275

Nicer Dicer Plus

AED.880 AED.1,320

Pack of 2 clip to cart shopping bag

AED.780 AED.1,170

Portable Mini Plastic Bag Sealing Tool Heat Handheld Machine

AED.450 AED.900

Portable Shoe Rack

AED.1,900 AED.2,580

Potato Slicer

AED.1,150 AED.1,725

Pure Cotton BedSheet 90018

AED.1,300 AED.1,950

Refrigerator MultiFunctional Storage Box

AED.700 AED.1,050

Riddex Pests Repelling

AED.630 AED.945

Shoes Rack 12 Shoes Under Bed Storage

AED.600 AED.900

Slim Jackly

AED.540 AED.810

Soap Magic Dispenser

AED.980 AED.1,470

Spiral Potato Slicer As Seen on TV

AED.899 AED.1,500

Stretch and Fresh Re-usable Food Wraps As Seen On TV

AED.680 AED.1,020
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